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Pastor John

Pastor John met his Messiah in 1999 after a life filled with many trials and obstacles which would have taken the average person out. He went from addiction to carrying a Bible everywhere the instant was made new. His radical salvation was a testament to many of the saving Power of Yah. After meeting and marrying his bride, together they embarked on a journey with Holy Spirit which led them to full-time ministry. He now travels wherever they are led to go and live a fasted life of consecration. Their life is meant to challenge others to step out on the water and be everything they were created to be.

Pastor Joy

Pastor Joy is a wife, mother, grandmother, speaker, and author, but her most cherished title is “servant” of the Most High. She and her husband made a decision to go wherever sent and since then, home is where He sends them. She enjoys reading and writing and spending time with family including her Abba. Their unique lifestyle of surrender and consecration is used as a challenge for others to step out on the water and see where the River of Yah takes them. They have been told to be like leaves in the stream that offer no resistance to the current and it was the best decision they ever made.

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Testimonies Of Deliverance

Who are we? We are a simple couple that decided to live their lives walking on the water.

In 2015, we told God that we wanted to be the kind of people that would hear Him say “Go to the airport and Go!” and that we would do it with no questions asked. He took us up on that & He told us to pack our entire house. Bit by bit, we either gave things away or sold them to fund our missions.

We move like the children of Israel with God going before us either as a pillar of fire or as a cloud of smoke. We go where God says, when He says and we do what he says.

We have found that many people have been inspired by how we live and the miraculous way that God always provides for us. God has brought us on a personal journey by sending to different places that our giftings were needed.

Throughout the journey, God opened our eyes to the miracle of deliverance and much to our surprise, it wasn’t at all what we’d always heard it was.

We have shared this miracle with countless people with many receiving what they needed so that they could run their race without hindrance and we have seen many step into the call that God has placed on their lives because of this miracle!

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